Project Description


Baobab Fruit

Income generation for rural people in remote and rural areas of Africa is a challenge. Especially in dry regions, where harvests can be unreliable due to droughts, household income heavily depends on weather patterns. Additionally, in those regions much often there are no other or few opportunities of income generation. However, especially in these drought afflicted areas, Baobab trees (Adansonia digitata) are most prevalent. The Baobab offers income possibilities through fruits, leaves and seeds.

  • income generation for rural people

  • conservation through commercialisation

  • marketing neglected and underutilized species

Berlin Organics Baobab Direct Trade

With „Berlin Organics“ we are manufacturing consumer products from direct trade organic Baobab (Adansonia digitata) fruit powder for the German market. We are buying directly from our partners in Zimbabwe and Sout Africa, where the Baobab fruits are harvested. Through the harvest and processing of Baobab fruits, several thousand families in rural Zimbabwe find an additional source of income. Thus, Baobab is contributing to income generation of rural people, especially in those regions, where fw other options exist. Further, the sustainable and ethical use of Bobab contributes to conservation of local ecosystems.

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